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2"Disc filters

Automatic Backwashing Disc Filter


Technical Data

Filter unit: 2”                         Max flowrate: 20M3/h

Working pressure: 0.2-1Mpa(3psi-15psi)

Pressure loss(bar): 0.08-0.8bar(1.2psi-12psi)

Back wash pressure(bar): ≧2.8bar(75psi)

Accuracy(um): 20um,55um,70um,100um,130um,200um,400um               

Material: reinforced nylon, PP           Backwashing time: 10-20seconds

Backwash flow rate: 8.11m3/h×1      Filter area: 880cm3

Input and output connector:2” NPT, Clamp 

Dimension:490mm*290mm*200mm       Weight: 6kg

Working principle



Reference table of flow rate per unit

Goodquality:Urban tap water, well water that pump from theaquifar, turbidity is less than 3 degrees

General quality: Circulatingcooling water, surface water that with effective precipitation processed ,Generally well water, drainage after effective precipitation and completebiological treatment, TSS is less than 30 mg/L

Poor qualiy:  Underground water with poor quality,betterquality surface water.TSS is less than 75mg/L

Very poor quality:  Well water or surface water with very badquality,drainage without precipitation or biological treatment.In order toensure the well working. The water need pretreatment.





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