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    Water Filtration

    Industrial Solutions


    Automatic Backwash disc filter at 130 micron, 600m3/h Results: Supply of high quality water and protect the next Ultrafiltration system....

    Municipal Solutions


    Filtrascale supply the solution for Desalination ans drinking water and water reuse....

    Irrigation Solutions


    Filtration technologies improves irrigation system, filtrascale supply disc filter, screen filter and sand filter as pre-treatment for varied irrigation....

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      About Us CHENGDU FILTRASCALE CO.,LTD  As it is indicated in the brand name, FILTRASCALE is a union of professional filtration and water treatment. Founded by water filter and engineering experts, and supported by international leading companies in automatic self-cleaning filter, FILTRASCALE is a professional Automatic Filters and Eletro-Coagulation Systems supplier. As an automatic filtration and eletro-coagulationexpert, FILTRASCALE provides flexible solutions to meet the growing clean water demands for indust ...

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      What We're Doing

      • Self-cleaning Filters

        Self-cleaning Filters

        SCREEN FlL TER
        15 Years. Professional Water
        Teatment Specialist

        The 127th onlne Canton Fair 8.0A13

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      • Backwash Disc Filter

        Backwash Disc Filter

        FILTRASCALE Our experienced manufacturing and marketing teams understand the end user

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      • Electro-Coagulation System 

        Electro-Coagulation System 

        Instead of dosing chemical,
        Efficient flocculation, removal of suspend solids and heavy metals

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      • 4" Disc Filter

      • CAF900 Electric Water Filter

      • CAF600 Sand Filter

        Medium height: 40cm

        The whole process is automatic ,and not need people to watch

        The system can use the filtered water to backwash by itself, no need other water resources, so it can save much water  

        High degree of system integration, without other auxiliary equipment, thereby saving expenses of the pumps, pipes, valves and other equipment.

      • EC Series Electrocoagulation Sewage Treatment System

        The Electrocoagulation system is to connect the plate of the multigroup parallel to the direct current, the electric field between the plates to make the water to be processed into the gap plate. At this time the plate will electrify electrochemical reaction, dissolution of Al3 + or Fe2 + plasma and hydrolysis in the water and flocculation reaction occurred in the process, while the electric float, REDOX and other effects, the role of these results, the water dissolved Sexual, colloidal and suspended contaminants are effectively converted and removed.